Affiliate Managers

Affiliate Managers can be either in-house employees or an out source company that will help you manage your affiliate program. Most Affiliate Managers will be responsible for:

  • Recruiting, motivating, policing and communicating with Affiliatess
  • Helping you build strategies, pricing, commission and promotional ideas.
  • Providing monthly reporting.
  • Building an affiliate support center and creative directory.

Here are just a few starting points for finding out sourced Affiliate Management: NetExponent – Inc 500 Agency, MadHatter Consulting and PMG.

The higher the commission the more they’ll promote it.

The truth is, Affiliates are the ultimate whores. That being said, if you’re commissions will only give an affiliate $5 for each sale, they WILL NOT PROMOTE IT. But, if an affiliate can make $25 for each sale (or more), then old on to your pants as they will go in to full whore mode and promote the bejesus out of your goods.

A good example of this is ClickBank, the majority of products that rocket to the top of the ClickBank charts are products that offer 75% commission on each sale. If an affiliate can make $75 for selling a $100 ebook, or make $0.50 selling a $10 book, which one do you think they’ll focus on?