Affiliate Programs

If you’re ready to start leveraging an Affiliate program, there are plenty of online services that make it easy to do. Here are a few of the affiliate programs I have used from an Affiliate standpoint.

Commission Junction

CJ’s clients include Groupon, Disney, HomeDepot, NewEgg, Woot, Overstock and more. Unlike ClickBank and some other affiliate programs out there, CJ allows retailers and publishers the ability to approve each individual affiliate marketer before they start whoring out your goods.

LinkShare (blog)

LinkShare’s client base includes:, Delta Airlines, Hanes, Champion, AT&T, Apple, BabiesRUs and over 600 more well known advertisers.

Google Affiliate

Google’s own affiliate program is used by companies like Barnes&Noble, OfficeMax, Kohls and Sears. It’s said that unlike some of the other affiliate programs, Google’s Affiliate Network managers take the time to get to know your company and will help you along the way to really maximize your affiliate advertising.


Like I’ve said many times, ClickBank is the seedy part of town. You can make a lot of money if you release the right product for the websites demographic, but if you’re not offering up 50% to 75% commission, then most of the ClickBank whores might not even touch you. Most of the products on ClickBank are software and digital good based products like eBooks. ClickBank does not offer any type of screening or application process for affiliates, so any ClickBank affiliate is free to market your products or services.

Self Hosted Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Pro Script PHP, MySQL ($49)

I’ve never used this product, but it looks like a decent tool.

Affiliates For All (Open Source)

Even though Affiliate for All is not longer being maintained, the base code (PHP, MySQL) is easy enough to get you going with your own hosted Affiliate Program.

Know of any other free or open source affiliate programs; or know of a reputable Affiliate Management firm? Let us know by leaving a comment.