The Pivot

I wanted to share some changes I’ll be making to “Business Ideas” over the next few weeks. I’ve been absolutely ecstatic with the traffic, the response and the outreach of the “Business Ideas” readers and listeners – however, I need to make some changes to the “Business Ideas” format in order to maintain my sanity, which is fragile at times :) .

Each weekend I spend 10 hours coming up with 5 blog posts covering ways to generate money online using technology. Then, on Sunday I would  record and produce the “Business Ideas” podcast, taking another 3 hours of my life away from my family.

The truth is, I’ve made significantly more money from the podcast then I have the blog posts, so much in fact, that I am starting to launch more podcasts as part of the DigitalGood Studios – like Doug Rowe’s JobExpose Podcast. But something has to give, and I’ve decided it’s going to be the number of blog posts that I write each week.

For the foreseeable future, I will focus on writing one really solid post and (at least) one podcast each week. I’m hoping this shift will help produce quality over quantity, at least theoretically right?